The company's vision is "entrepreneurial efficiency and social solidarity."
This means producing well-being for the people who work with and for Meic, but do not lose sight of the needs of others, giving a hand to those less fortunate.

Meic Services is committed to contributing with sponsorships and liberal donations to the growth of non-profit associations that need it, both locally and in favor of large international non-profit organizations such as Telethon, Save the Children, Unicef, UNHCR.

At local level, Meic Services has supported the initiatives promoted by the following associations and non-profit organizations: Aism, Admo, Chiesa Madre, Parrocchia San Sebastiano, Liceo Scientifico, stella maris, Istituto aldisio, Sound down, Small musical circle.

“We like to think that every company in Italy can work with less pressure and can allocate every year sums, even small ones, to less fortunate children born in the four corners of the world. Long distance adoption is the best way to guarantee the love of the family of origin and better living conditions for children. We hope that our five children can be an example for other healthy companies! "
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