Vehicles Park


Meic Services is equipped with a fleet of first level,, Composed of tanks 9 and 13 cylinder trucks of a capacity ranging from 3895 up to 6810 smc smc.

This fleet completed several road tractors, allows to meet the needs of any customer and for supplies to for civil and industrial use, even where there is no methane pipeline.

The Meic Services fleet travels to Methane: save and does not pollute

We help the world to stay clean and cheap!

We have dand respect for the environment, A mission so felt thatall our vehicles run on natural gas, including methane gigantic tractors Scania, national sector leader.Ours is a sustainable, convinced that the world we leave to our children, will last longer and be more beautiful if we treat it better.

We have been dealing with methane for 35 years and we are able to take it even where there is no network! We supply industries, commercial, automotive, private activities and we have engineering services aimed at designing decompression, storage, supply and gas adduction systems.

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