Supply of methane with cylinder trucks and tanks


Meic Services has a fleet of 13 CNG trailers, among the most numerous in Italy, with capacity of up to 6813 cubic meters for each of them.

Meic is able to ensure the supply of methane even where not 'present the pipeline, for industrial use, civil and for planned and emergency maintenance interventions. Meic performs engineering services able to respond to any design requirements, technical and economic time to the realization of:

  • decompression systems
  • storage
  • supply
  • adduction methane gas

Our delivery service is reliable, safe and timely, and for this important industries chosen us.


For companies, natural gas methane is the fuel of the future, in recent years it has replaced polluting fuels with significant advantages from an economic point of view and respect for the environment.In addition to cost savings, guaranteed by the low supply price and its characteristics, methane allows companies to reduce maintenance work on heating systems and eliminate the costs faced for periodic control of fumes.

Unlike petroleum-derived fuels (diesel, G.P.L., BTZ), methane does not undergo refining processes but is introduced into methane pipelines as well as it is extracted from the subsoil, hence the low cost of supply and lower fluctuations price over the years. To make up for the still poor ramification of the methane pipeline network and to allow all Sicilian companies to take advantage of the advantages of methane, Meic Services has built a highly specialized structure capable of supplying methane to all those companies not yet reached by the pipeline.

The methane is compressed and delivered to the user via cylinder trucks, here will be realized a supply system to enable the gas supply. Meic Services offers customers a turnkey service: in addition to methane gas supply, also builds the supply system (cab and tank); with its engineering service is able to complete all design practices for issuing authorizations from the relevant authorities (V.V.F.F. etc.).

Heating for greenhouses

Companies with greenhouses that use the methane can take advantage of additional benefits, in fact, with the use of methane as a fuel gas are able to produce an artificial climate inside greenhouses, thus creating the conditions suitable for optimal growth of the plant.

Furthermore, the use of methane gas allows the so-called carbonic fertilization , ie the increase in the content of CO2 (carbon anhydrite) inside the greenhouses which contributes to a good growth of the plants.

Under normal environmental conditions the amount of CO2 in the air is 0.03 vol.%, In a non-ventilated greenhouse Puu this amount down to about 0.01 vol.% With a decrease of 20% of the plant growth rate. Instead with using methane gas CO2 it can be integrated using the products of combustion.

use of smokes can be achieved by tapping off a part of the same in the final stretch of the exhaust chimney or with the direct entry of smoke into the greenhouse. The carbonic fertilization applications already adopted have proved themselves to the satisfaction of producers.

Emergency Supplies

Thanks to a large fleet of CNG trailers with storage capacity of up to 6,394 cubic meters each., With modular cabins preheating-reduction and the use of highly specialized personnel.

Today Meic Services is able to be able to carry out, in a few hours, of methane gas supplies to industrial complexes or country in cases of dispensing interruption caused by breakage, maintenance or expansion of gas pipelines.

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