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The prize Sustainability Award it is an important recognition that was reserved for those Italian entrepreneurs who have best expressed the ability of Italian companies to innovate, renew and activate the best energies in the country for such a noble cause.

The Sustainability Award offered the candidate companies the opportunity to receive an important recognition for the skills that have shown to pursue sustainable, inclusive and stable growth, also creating added value for the community.

The second edition gives credit to all those who have made sustainable development an integral part of their corporate DNA, preparing processes, systems and resources so as to be able to reduce their environmental and social impact.

The evaluation took place through the administration of self-evaluation questionnaires proposed to the 200 candidates for the award admitted to the final phase. The organizers have undertaken to personally deliver the ESG rating reports to all participants and will organize one-to-one meetings with each one in the coming months to investigate the elements for improvement with respect to the current situation and prepare the way for the third edition which, in addition to the current participants, it wants to further expand the range of sustainable companies to which this great opportunity for visibility can be offered.

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